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Gentlemen, start your engines

Some cars are moving sculptures. And some of them move really fast. Enjoy the brand new app for iPads MotorArt!

Here the iTunes App Store page

MotorArt web site

Space orbits

The space is a place to be explored. Web space as well. Take a look at this 'interplanetary' HTML5 experiment by Monkey Cube Interactive.
The experiment will work if you use a browser that is HTML5 compatible, that can use canvas and with javascript enabled.

Gravity experiment

It’s time to land

Good skydivers know how to jump, but they know also how to land...
Land Cowing is now available on Facebook App Center. It's simple: three launches, a target, the wind, and you. It's just a matter of 'flow'... Enjoy!

Land Cowing on Facebook App Center

sky cowing 1.1 released!

We are proud to present the new release of Sky Cowing, now available on App Store. Sky Cowing is further enriched by the new game mode "Cowing in a dream", where our cow Burlina will be involved in a weird "dreamy" free fall. Help Burlina to keep on dreaming as much as possible! Have fun to discover all the movie and music stars in which our cow will turn into while she is dreaming: "Marilyn Burlina", "Hendrix Burlina" and so on... More info on Sky Cowing Website. Buy Sky Cowing on App Store.

Sky Cowing 1st Fan Contest

Wanna get Sky Cowing - one of the most fun and addictive game on AppStore - for free? Join the "First Sky Cowing Contest"! Become a fan of Sky Cowing on Facebook ( and send a mail with the subject "contest fan # 1" to; in the mail, simply state your Facebook username (just to communicate with the winners).

The draw will take place this afternoon (June 17th) at 15:00 GMT (17:00 in Italy) and the codes will be sent to winners by mail. The list of winners will be published on this site. Good luck!

Participants in this competition gives the implicit consent to use their personal data (Facebook username) for the sole purpose of publishing the names of the winners.

sky cowing released!

Sky Cowing - our first amazing, funny and very addictive iOS game - is finally available on App Store.   In Sky Cowing you play the role of a legendary cow, named "Burlina", during 100 seconds of exciting and crazy free fall. Help Burlina to stock up with bonus and to extend the flight time catching squawking ducks and inhaling big bottles of helium. But... be careful!! Many pitfalls lie in wait: junk food, teasing flying pigs, dangerous anvils, storms and many others weird situations.   More info on Sky Cowing Website. Buy Sky Cowing on App Store.

farm grandma’s recipe

Ingredients: a couple of bottles of helium; a bunch of orange, green and ghostly white balloons; some air vortexes, a garnish of dandelions and anvils; a flying duck; a lot of hay and grass; and also... some underwear.

Mix everything and shake. Add a pig with a rotor, and a cow with a parachute.

Serve in a blue sky and have fun!

spoilers and clues

Take a look at that picture. What do you think it could be? A spot? A cloud? A bottle? Mmm, no. It's something else, better: it's someone. We are developing a new game for iPhone and iPod touch, and it will feature a very particular kind of character. Let's just say that it lives in a farm, it hates helicopters, and it likes to eat grass and hay. And it intend to learn to sky dive... The adventure is coming, stay tuned!
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We are looking for skilled and motivated people to join our team: iOS & web developers, graphics & sound designers.

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