what we do

which kind of interaction?

why we are doing what we are doing

The keyword is 'interactive'. In our view, the meaning of the word interactive is: making the user 'experience' a device, 'live' it, enjoy it, utilize it, learn through it. Or, in few words, interact with it. In our opinion interaction design should make devices usable, useful and fun, with a double need: to focus on users and their experience and necessities, and to enhance devices distinctive features. So, we think it is necessary always to centre on the two components of the interaction: user and device.

Communication, education and learning, entertainment, fun: in every time, all these activities take advantage of the available technology. And the future (actually, already the present) of the technology will be about flexibility and portability:

  • Mobile stuff: applications to be used while travelling or moving, bringing little pieces of our own world with us, or just enjoying wherever what we like;
  • Immersive user experience: interfaces not just as 'connection' between user and devices, but as instruments to make the user the real centre of the whole system;
  • Web stuff: the world wide web as the repository of the services and the information we need anywhere and at anytime, a net that has to be more and more useful, but also usable and easy to access to.

Design user interfaces, interactive multimedia contents and app, but why? Because we believe that a good designed application, or web site, or user interface, can really make users' life better. Games, educational application, informative contents: everything could be funnier, more useful, more satisfying if well designed. And so, let's try to do it!